Lets Talk Vitamin C

A super star ingredient that deserves the hype, so what does it actually do?
Fights free radical damage, strengthens collagen, assist's with brightening the skin, treats pigmentation caused by sun damage, smooth skin's texture, its one hard working ingredient!

- Here are our favourites-

Vitamin C 10% Serum

by Ausceuticals

This serum is perfect for anyone starting out with Vitamin C.  This potent serum goes on smooth and absorbs like a dream, and works deep down below the skins surface to to aid your skin in producing more collage, reduce and prevent sun damage, brighten skin and more!

Vitamin C 20% Serum

by Ausceuticals

This Serum packs a punch with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid and Phloretin which all help to fade sun spots, pigmentation, and lighten skin tone, plus with other super-star ingredient Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, retain moisture and plump skin, this is a superstar serum.

Daily Vitamin

by La Mav

A highly concentrated serum, thats improves skin's clarity and boosts radiance.  This unique brightening serum help skin coloration and help repair lifestyle and sun damage. Daily use with assist with counter pigmentation while strengthening collagen and elastin for luminous looking skin.

Age Defiance Vital C Elixir

by Mukti Organics 

Called the Elixir of Youth and for good reason, this serum fights against and prevents photo-aging but its doesn't stop there, it also assist's with skins texture and wrinkles, leaving you with much clearer, smoother skin.

Kakadu Plum Vitramin C Face Serum

by Rohr Remedy

A hydrating and skin firming oil-free serum suited to all skin types also popular with the boys. Has a gorgeous texture which glides onto skin, packed with Kakadu Plum which has the highest source of Vitamin C in the world.


by Beauty Boosters 

A multi-tasking supplement containing potent Vitamin C which plays a vital role in collagen formulation, helping maintain skin from the inside. It assists to reduce the risk of cell damage from free radicals helping with brightening skin.  Try this in conjunction with one of the above serum's to really assist in brightening skin!



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