Pure Naturally

Pure Naturally Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

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  • Pure Naturally Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Pure Naturally

Pure Naturally Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

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  • Pure Naturally Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


    Nothing was compromised in the making of this Virgin Coconut Oil.  Pure Naturally use their “Pure Extraction” method, it is 100% certified organic, cold pressed, completely heat free and produced from coconuts grown from a single plantation. It takes no more than 8 hours from opening the fresh coconut to filling the bottle with freshly extracted virgin coconut oil. The quick process ensures that there is very little chance of contamination so you can be sure that the oil you have is the freshest possible.

    Pure Naturally, are passionate about making sure that every bottle of organic virgin coconut oil that they produce is not only of the highest quality but consistent in its taste, light fresh fragrance, colour and smooth texture. The best way to achieve that consistency is to ensure that the oil is extracted from coconuts that come from the same region. 

    All of the coconuts they use come from a single, certified organic plantation in the “Chumphon” province of Southern Thailand, where there is an abundance of sea breeze and salt water providing the perfect conditions for growing coconuts. Coconuts are handpicked and delivered straight to our extraction plant. Pure Naturally are committed to using single origin coconuts and will never use imported coconuts to meet demand or cut costs. They guarantee it.

    Innovative and practical packaging: The BPA Free bottle was designed to exhibit quality, innovation and practicality. It not only looks good but is easier to open, hold and pour plus it’s less likely to break when dropped.

    Benefits of Pure Naturally Coconut Oil:

    • BPA Free & Biodegradable packaging
    • Multi-purpose oil with countless uses and benefits,  perfect for all types of beauty including: Face and Body Moisturiser, Hair Mask, Cooking, Tattoo Recovery, Shaving Balm, Make-up remover, Nappy rash the list goes on!
    • Contains a high percentage of lauric acid which deeply conditions hair from the inside out providing protein, thickening your hair, promoting re-growth, preventing hair loss and eliminating dandruff.
    • Eat a spoonful each morning and enjoy the amazing health benefits.
    • It is a natural anti-oxidant that helps to prevent free radical damage (known as premature ageing) for your skin. It is also an exceptional moisturiser due to its stability and resistance to oxidation, fatty acids in our oil have anti-oxidative properties that are beneficial for ageing skin and help protect against drying and scaling.
    • Contains Vitamins E & K, Iron & Fatty Acids which are important for the healthy growth & repair of the hair