Sodashi is a multi-award winning luxury Australian skin care company that has harnessed the benefits of natural ingredients to produce effective, chemical-free skin care products and spa therapies to holistically nurture the skin and enhance overall wellbeing. In Sanskrit Sodashi means 'Wholeness, Purity, Radiance'.

Sodashi Brillance Cream
Sodashi Brightening Face Drops
Sodashi Cell Renewal Drops
Sodashi Rejuvenating Clay Cleanser with Lavender
Sodashi Balancing Clay Cleanser with Lime
Sodashi Calming Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood
Sodashi Clean Skin Cleanser & Shaving Emulsion
Sodashi Rejuvenating Face Mist
Sodashi Balancing Face Mist
Sodashi Calming Face & Neck Moisturiser
Sodashi Skin Karma Aftershave and Face Mist
Sodashi Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturiser
Sodashi Balancing Face & Neck Moisturiser
Sodashi Calming Face & Neck Moisturiser
Sodashi Nourishing Repair Treatment