Mark and Darlene Powell - founders and Directors of Nutra Organics are passionate about health! It was this passion that has forged a successful business, raised 2 beautiful healthy girls, and a growing number of grandchildren.

We have always believed that one thing you do every day ultimately controls how healthy you feel - the food that you consume. Our interest in health caused us to begin to ask many questions about the soils our foods are grown in and the vitamin and mineral profile. We soon discovered that most soils are very depleted in nutrients and that foods are heavily sprayed with harmful chemicals. 

We started to source organically grown foods that came from nutrient rich soils. We made our own veggie juices, and started supplementing our diet with nutrient dense foods like spirulina and fresh water blue green algae.

Since 1998 We have been on a journey, which has grown into a passion for optimum health.

We are so blessed to be working in our passion - with our family and the people we love. Our united goal is to empower people to enjoy health everyday and live full, energetic lives. We have been in awe and continually inspired with the changes in our own, our children’s and our children’s children health and wellbeing by easily incorporating our Nutra Organics formulations into our daily lifestyle.

Combining our wholefood nutritional products with ethical eating and organic foods, we continue to appreciate and enjoy our health. In return we want to share and inspire others to turn their health and lifestyles around, or make some changes for the better - long term.

It is in your hands...

Join us in our passion for health!

Mark & Darls x

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