We Lived in the City That Never Slept 

Moonlit Skincare® was dreamed up by best friends, Stephy and Kriszta, former college roommates in NYC.

The combination of stress and late nights wreaked havoc on our skin and sleep routines. We searched for a simple nighttime solution, but only found mysterious “night” creams with high price points, odd ingredients, and generic packaging that looked terrible on our night-stands.

It was clear that the most restorative hours for skin were an after-thought in the beauty industry. 

Quality sleep was always recommended for great skin so we sought out to create a brand that emphasizes nighttime skincare and sleep wellness.

We strive to devote Moonlit's energy and research capabilities to these restorative, healing hours. We also emphasize creating a welcome space for sleep with all of our products.

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Moonlit Skincare - Ultimate Sleep Kit
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Moonlit Skincare - Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil
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Moonlit Skincare - Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcase in Ivory White
Just Landed
Moonlit Skincare - Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcase in Night Sky Navy
Just Landed
Moonlit Skincare - 'Let Me Sleep' Silk Sleeping Eye Mask