I live in a little house by the rainforest and sea, with my surfer boy husband and children of three. From the beginning we were drawn to the healing and health benefits of the ocean earth and air, from there we created pure luxury skincare.

We love getting outside and to be one with nature….it grounds us and lifts our spirits. Whether its being submerged in seawater, running through the rainforest, overlooking the mountains or standing barefoot in a garden of soil it immediately relaxes us and nourishes our soul…not to mention the bond that strengthens us as a family.

So from here our beauty journey began-

We were motivated to create a range that embraces everything we believe in and had the healing and nourishing benefits of nature. From there I studied holistic health and used my knowledge as a skincare chef to source wild and non-toxic ingredients from around the world to create beautiful loving blends.

With our busy family life and running a household I really needed time for me, time to stop, time to breathe, so my treatments became my saving grace and I would immerse myself in all the love and nourishment morning and night.
We fill each bottle with a calming blend of herbs and gentle essential oils to love your skin and work on bringing back a renewed and awakened complexion…Leaving you feeling refreshed, revived and energized for the day.

We also wanted to strengthen the connection between the environment and us so we kept the carbon footprint low by not using fancy packaging and re packaging- unlike the bigger corporations. We commit to keeping everything in the Flight skin range focused on quality, truth & strength.

Flight Sheer Luxury Milk Cleanser
Flight Skincare Soft White Gentle Face Polish