Caim & Able’s founder, Michelle Matthewman, experienced chronic pain for nearly two decades.  As a qualified Natural Therapist she was keen to find a healthier alternative to the constant pain killers - quite by accident she discovered magnesium baths were the answer. 

From sales to friends & family in Sydney, the business soon gathered steam and can now be found throughout Australia, Canada, USA and Europe.

Around the time Michelle was mixing products in her kitchen and developing magnesium based products to help with her pain, the Australian government withdrew funding from independent women’s shelters and in less than 12 months 80% of those shelters were forced to close their doors.  Now, on any given night in Australia up to 66 % of women are turned away from those that remain, there are not enough beds, not enough room.

This was the genesis of Caim & Able, the  range was launched from a desire to make a positive change to others lives - $1 from every jar sold goes to Independent Womens Refuges & Shelters, in an effort to help fund safety for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

The therapeutic range includes Body Scrubs, Bath Salts and Body Sprays, all developed for their beautiful nurturing, nourishing and rejuvenating blends. All are rich in magnesium to deliver via skin absorption, a safe, effective and rapid dose of magnesium to the body

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