Alyssum Alchemy's range of Self-Care Rituals and Sacred Skincare is truly unique and made with the utmost integrity and purity of intention.  Harnessing the healing powers of aromatherapy, gem and flower essences, crystals and Reiki each Alyssum Alchemy product is cultivated at potent lunar phases.

Sourcing high quality, ethical and organic ingredients, the entire Alyssum Alchemy range is 100% natural, palm free, and animal cruelty free.  Every ingredient has been carefully selected and meticulously researched. Our formulas draw on modern science, as well as ancient wisdom and traditional remedies. 

Each product celebrates the vitality of the Australian bush by featuring organic and wild crafted potent native botanicals and is hand blended in micro batches in Sydney, Australia with love.

Every bottle is an invitation to step into your own sacred space within. These high vibrational elixirs are designed to conveniently and effectively support you physically, emotionally and energetically.  They are beautifully fragrant reminders to be mindful and to live consciously.  

Be empowered to live in sacred simplicity. Peel back what is unnecessary and focus on the important things in life. Connect with nature, do what you love, spend quality time with loved ones and take responsibility for your own wellbeing.  

Live a sacred life. 

This collection does not contain any products.

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