Seriously good bod care, that's ethical and filled with only the nice stuff. Welcome to Alcome.Co. it's pronounced /‘alchemy co'/ in reference to our range; it is the golden combination. It's good for you and it's good for the planet. 

// Vegan + Cruelty Free //
First up, there's no way around it; our beautiful co-inhabitants of our little planet should not be suffering for our vanity. If you haven't caught up already, it's time to make the switch to vegan self care products. We are proudly a 100% vegan owned, operated and made. Of course, we are also cruelty free too! As a vegan company, we are passionate about animal welfare; each month we donate 5% of our profits to animal welfare organisations in South Australia to support their amazing efforts, get social on our pages to keep up to date on our collaborations.

// Natural Foundations //
Self care should not be hard; it should be effective, luxurious and ethical. We want you to use our products with the joy that comes from body care that's innovatively natural and made free from cruelty.
Alcome.Co first formed from the merging backgrounds of the two makers; with a background in naturopathy and holistic healing studies and a passion to create exciting and fresh self care, the bones of Alcome.Co emerged. We wanted to create self care with way less crap, and a lot more to stand by.

// Small Batch + Local //
Our artisan made products are made, well, slowly. We use fresh, locally sourced and carefully eye-balled natural actives and make each and every single batch of our goods by hand. We hand pour, hand label...well, you get the idea. There is something quite lovely about this process; we consider each and every jar before it leaves our workshop in Carrickalinga, South Australia. We source locally, stock locally, and actively support our local community. See our stockists and events below.

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