Meet The Beauty Edit

My name is Franca and I live in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

I am a wife, mother, daughter and a friend, and it is from this perspective that I have created The Beauty Edit - a personally curated range of luxury natural and organic products, from all over the world, just for you.

The Beauty Edit stems from a life-long love of caring for my own skin, focussing on the natural beauty that we all possess, and the belief that we should treat our biggest breathing organ with a little more love and kindness, and a lot less chemicals.

Every product you see is one that I have personally trialled and tested on your behalf, so in essence you can say that the hard work has been done - all you have to do is click and enjoy the luxury that is a far more natural approach to beauty.

The Beauty Edit caters to women, men, children, babies and expecting mothers, of all ages, with a price point to suit everyone’s budget, because I want everyone to have access to this luxurious beauty experience.

I truly believe that organic beauty products can be both luxurious and affordable.

Offering a premium customer experience at The Beauty Edit, I am available for personalised skincare consultations to assist you in finding the perfect organic and natural beauty products to meet your needs.

I truly hope you enjoy what I believe is the best beauty edit, from me to you.

Franca x



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