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Meet Michelle, founder of Caim & Able the beautiful Australian Brand proudly stocked here at TBE: 

Tell us about Caim & Able:
Caim & Able is an Australian social enterprise - yes we make amazing magnesium skincare products but they are so much more than that. I am passionate about my community and go the extra mile to be the change I want to see in the world. Instead of having the products packaged offshore at a reduced cost, they are packaged here in Sydney by people living with a disability.  The very goal of the business is to generate capital, to help fund safety for women and children fleeing domestic violence in Australia
How did it start:
In 2013, the federal government announced its withdrawal of funding to INDEPENDENT Womens shelters - those set up specifically for women and kids escaping violent homes. This was at a time when the headlines were all about women being killed by their partners. I wanted to at least try and do something to help, I perhaps naively thought I could change the world. 
Why did you start a line of Magnesium products?
For the past twenty years I've suffered chronic pain from a neck injury, after spending thousands of dollars in an effort to relieve the pain, it was the discovery of magnesium chloride that finally delivered relief, rapidly and safely.
Tell us more about the benefits of Magnesium?
The more I researched it, the more I discovered how vital it is and why, despite a burgeoning supplement industry, we are still so deficient in it. Low levels are linked to so many modern diseases, that can genuinely find some success just by having a bath or using a spray - anxiety, insomnia, cardiac health, osteoporosis, migraines, PMS, cramps, restless legs syndrome the list is endless. 
What are the main concerns your customers have?
Nervous system disorders - anxiety, stress and cramping in legs.
How are the best ways customers can use your products?
The more skin that is exposed to the salts, the better the uptake - this is why baths are the most potent. Not everyone has or likes a bath, the sprays are super convenient and really do work - safe for kids too. 
If you had to choose your favourite product, what would it be and why?
That's like choosing a favourite child! But I do have a soft spot for the Restore Scrub, it was my first scrub, I'm a coffee addict too which helps as the scent is divine.  I've found this fantastic for cellulite too believe it or not!
Parting words of wisdom:
Domestic violence can and does happen in every demographic - it does not discriminate between race or socioeconomic classes. There is always time for kindness, no matter how small.
Thank you Michelle!
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