Introducing One Over One

We fell in love with One over One for so many reasons and we are thrilled that our customers have too! We chose to stock this brand exclusively for many reasons: Green, Gorgeous formulations and awesome packaging plus they suit the Australian lifestyle perfectly!  Enjoy x


Simplicity is beautiful. One Over One ™ was designed with a minimalistic mindset. Carefully crafted with natural and often organic ingredients, our products are clean, simple, and designed to complement the effortless beauty of your everyday life.

Their position on beauty is unique. They believe there is nothing to correct, nothing to conceal. You are perfectly contoured as you are. We celebrate aging and believe in natural, wholistic beauty at all phases of life. We trust nature and formulate our products with plant-based ingredients, always avoiding petroleum, parabens, and harmful synthetics.

One Over One ™ products are timeless and not beholden to trend. Like a white t-shirt, they are easy to dress up or down, and never go out of style SHOP RANGE.

Our picks:

One Over One Base Glow Sheer Light

A liquid luminiser packed with nourishing oils and botanicals that leave your skin feeling just as healthy and glowy as it looks.


One Over One Breath Lip Oil in Crimson 

A hybrid balm-gloss revives dehydrated lips with luminous shine and a kiss of colour. Our non-sticky formula leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and moisturised


One Over One Crimson Breath Lip Oil

One Over One Duotone Live Umber Cream Colour

A sheer vitamin rich all over colour/ tone duo gives you that-just-worked-out healthy glow. Just swipe on cheeks, lids, lips and face with a finger and blend to achieve a healthy flush. Formulated with organic oils and cocoa butter, Duotone Cream Colour is a moisture packed touch of colour for your whole face.


One Over One Duotone Live Umber Cream Colour



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