5 Reasons why you need a Natural Body Oil

Keeping your skin properly hydrated can be difficult; in winter, lack of humidity and cold air causes skin to get dry and in summer, extra exposure to the sun leaves your skin in need of more hydration.

Besides being perfect for your skin, they help increase your level of relaxation and sense of emotional wellbeing.

1. Best partner for your skin. Oils from plants are similar to natural skin lipids and support skin metabolism and help the body to build its own protective barrier. 

2. Absorbed deeply by the skin
and an therefore an incredible moisturiser. (PS avoid using mineral oils)

3. Lock in moisture longer
than body lotions.

4. Provide instant dewiness.
The silk-like texture melts into the skin perfectly and provides instant dewiness.

5. A sensorial experience and the perfect way to start your day
… imagine stepping out of a refreshing shower and indulging your skin with deep and enriching moisture and a divine scent of you favourite natural body oil.

A gift from nature

Plant oils are obtained from fruit, kernels and seeds, and are rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well as unsaturated fatty acids. Natural plant oils contain precious substances that are present in the outer layers of our skin, which smooth the skin, augmenting its natural oils and help prevent moisture loss. Fatty acids are especially important components in oils for skin care. Because they are close to the skin’s own lipids, they integrate well with the skin’s metabolic processes, improving its protective capabilities.

At Weleda we only use premium quality plant oils in our skin care products are mostly combined with medicinal plant extracts, natural essential oils and other natural substances in holistic formulas, especially developed for different skin types. Our natural body oils are ideal for dry skin.

Remember, choose natural body oils that are of the highest quality, containing certified natural and organic ingredients. Of course, they should be free from any synthetic fragrances or preservatives, silicone oils nor ingredients from petrochemicals. Weleda natural body oils are cruelty-free, sourced responsibly and 100% certified natural.

How to use Body Oils:

  • After a bath or shower, apply a small amount to damp skin, spread it evenly and let it be quickly absorbed. You can also let it be absorbed for a few minutes, while indulging your senses with the divine scents.
  • When used with gentle massage it has a regulating effect on the skin’s functions and builds warm protective layer.

Extra Tips:

  • Mix your body lotion with your favourite body oil, for an extra boost of hydration & deeper penetration.
  • Wearing a skirt or shorts? Add glorious sheen to your legs, by applying the body oil onto dry skin, leaving them look glowy and breath-taking.

Natural Body Oils you need:

 Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil

» The precious formulation firms the skin
» Has an antioxidative effect
» Silk-like texture penetrates deeply into the skin
» Proven to boost cell regeneration in naturally ageing skin

Key Ingredients:
» Organic Pomegranate Oil to reduce the signs of ageing
» Precious Macadamia Nut and Jojoba Oils to nourish the skin and prevent dryness

The sensual and divine feminine scent of Orange, Davana and Vanilla, encourage inspiration and lets our imagination run free.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

» Like being gently awoken by the sun’s rays…
» Intensively protects and regenerates for a silk-like skin
» +29% skin elasticity after 4 weeks

Key Ingredients:
» Red-gold Sea Buckthorn Oil and Precious Sesame Oil; rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins to encourage restoration of the skin’s natural lipid layer

The revitalising scent of grapefruit and fruity, sweet mandarins will leave you feeling alert and content.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil

» Envelops skin with a touch of romance and poetry
» Smooths the skin and improves its elasticity
» +26% skin smoothness after 4 weeks

Key Ingredients:
» Organic  Wild Rose Oil to smooth the skin and improves it’s elasticity
» Mild Almond Oil and Hydrating Jojoba Oil to deeply care for the skin, making it silky-soft and naturally beautiful!

Treat yourself to special moments of indulgence with the precious scent of Damascus rose and ylang-ylang.

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Body Oil

» The extra-rich luxury for mature skin
» Intensively nourishes the skin and improves its firmness and tone
» +39% skin moisture after 4 weeks

Key Ingredients:
» Hydrating Jojoba and Wheat germ Oil to improve elasticity and boost its ability to retain moisture

The precious scent, inspired by blooming evening primrose, combines floral magnolia notes with a kick of cardamom. Soft, woody based notes of sandalwood give this composition a mysterious depth.


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