10 Minutes with Megan

With an amazingly unique background in aesthetics, aromatherapy, biochemistry, natural healthcare and much more, Megan Larsen, the Founder of Sodashi, takes her completely natural skincare range very seriously, having been making her products since the early 1990's.

Recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with the incredible Megan, and ask her a few much anticipated questions.... 


What makes you decide to launch a new or revised product? 

I am constantly looking to evolve and develop the range.  As new natural ingredients become available this provides an opportunity to both improve existing products as well as explore possibilities for new products. 


Can you explain the holistic side to Sodashi and the vibrational side of your products and the benefits?

We only use regenerative, natural ingredients to formulate our products, that work in harmony with the skin and body.  All pure plant ingredients have a vibration known as the ‘life-force’ of the plant.  Sodashi manufactures in a way that ensures the life force remains intact and the power of each ingredient is not compromised. Our luxurious Age-Defying Samadara range is also infused with Rose Quartz Crystal water which has a calming and stabilising energy to fine tune the body.


The myth is that Natural skincare isn’t effective can you explain how and why Sodashi products perform?

For natural skincare to be effective it’s important to use the finest natural ingredients available that have the regenerative qualities to support the skin on a cellular level.  We spend a lot of time at Sodashi researching ingredients, and we source them from all over the world, Damask Rose from Turkey, Lavender from Provence, Ylang Ylang from Madagascar for example. 

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and to keep it healthy and looking its best we need to feed it with wholesome natural products, as we do our bodies. When you use skincare that is made purely with natural ingredients your skin is able to absorb the nutrient content much more effectively, helping to transform the skin from within at a cellular level – as opposed to just having superficial effect. 


What are some of your beauty secrets?

Transcendental Meditation twice a day, Tibetan Five Rites every morning, lots of water (at least 2 litres per day), a regular skin care regime to cleanse, purify, moisturise and nourish my skin morning and night.  I also have a monthly Sodashi facial. I eat a lot of greens and I also have a daily dose of green powder and every couple of months I do a month of daily Lypo-Spheric vitamin C which gives my skin a radiance boost. 


What is your favourite way to relax and unwind?

Spending time in nature, regular yoga and spending quality time with friends and family. I also make an annual trip to Provence in the South of France to teach on an aromatherapy retreat to share my passion for essential oils.


What’s next for Sodashi?

We’ve recently launched in to the spa at Four Seasons Megeve in the French Alps and at the very charming beachside resort Halcyon House in New South Wales. We’ve also just launched our new Cell Renewal Drops and Brightening Face Drops – both amazing skin perfecting formulas of pure essential oils that you compress on to the face, and have a super sumptuous anti-ageing body product in the pipeline – watch this space!


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